Halitosis Blues

Are you feeling embarrassed about your bad breath? Do you have bad breath that won’t seem to go away despite the many Altoids or peppermint treats you eat? If so, you may be experiencing halitosis. Our dentist, Dr. Zack Nimri, is happy to help you with your halitosis blues. That is why our team at… Read more »

Investigating the Ingredients of Toothpaste

Have you ever wondered… Besides fluoride, which is the main ingredient in almost every kind of toothpaste, what else is included in the typical tube of toothpaste? Abrasives scrub away stains. For this, you need a grainy substance. Early formulas from ancient times used ashes, stone pumice, and crushed shells. In toothpaste today, abrasives are… Read more »

Foods to Avoid for Dental Health

There are many foods we know are bad for our body but did you know there are foods that are dangerous to your teeth? By keeping your oral health in mind while you eat, you can help keep your teeth healthy. Our dentist, Dr. Zack Nimri at Higley Dental Care in Gilbert, Arizona, is happy… Read more »

How to Prevent Tooth Stains

If you want a white smile, then you need to prevent tooth stains. Tooth stains take the brightness and beauty away from your smile and can even lower your self-esteem as well as decrease how much you love your smile’s appearance. Fortunately, there are things you can do to prevent tooth stains, and our dentist,… Read more »

Getting A Sealant

Have you heard about sealants and want to know how the dentist puts them on? It is a fast and painless process, as we will explain in further detail. The dentist starts by cleaning the tooth or teeth that will be treated. The tooth or teeth need to be dried so the dentist can place… Read more »

Want to Know More About Fluoride? Take This Quiz

Fluoride is a natural mineral that can help you and your smile in more ways than you might realize. To help you know more about fluoride in Gilbert, Arizona, our dentist, Dr. Zack Nimri, has provided this fluoride quiz. The more you know, the better. Good luck! Question No. 1: Fluoride can only benefit children’s… Read more »

Tell Us If You’re Pregnant

If you are pregnant, please get in contact with us so that we can prep a special visit for you. Even if you think you might be pregnant, please tell us about it so that we can adjust your service accordingly. Give us a call about how far along you are or think you could… Read more »

Mouth Sore Causes 101

Have you ever had an irritating mouth sore that is causing pain? Although they usually go away on their own, sometimes they don’t, so you may need to seek treatment here at Higley Dental Care. In order to treat your mouth sore, it’s important to know what the cause is of this sore. Our professionals… Read more »

Wisdom Teeth Often Need to Be Extracted to Prevent Pain and Further Complications

Wisdom teeth are essentially vestigial third molars that no longer play a role in the modern mouth. Most adolescents have four wisdom teeth developing deep in the periodontal tissues behind their rear molars. They typically attempt to emerge from the gums at some point after all their primary teeth have been replaced by their permanent… Read more »

The Brushing Habits that Don’t Help Your Hygiene Routine

Did you know there are many brushing habits that don’t quite help you or your smile as much as you might think they do? Well, it’s true. In fact, some habits might even harm your smile. Dr. Zack Nimri would like to help you drop these habits so you can maintain strong and healthy teeth… Read more »