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There are many foods we know are bad for our body but did you know there are foods that are dangerous to your teeth? By keeping your oral health in mind while you eat, you can help keep your teeth healthy. Our dentist, Dr. Zack Nimri at Higley Dental Care in Gilbert, Arizona, is happy to help you with tips about the unhealthy foods that are dangerous to your oral health.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

– Are you aware of the damage that acidic foods and drinks can do to your smile? They can lead to dental erosion and cavities, so avoid acidic products.
– Sour flavorings in foods and drinks may contain acid, so enjoy sour foods and drinks in moderation to protect your tooth enamel.
– Stay away from sugary sweets and snacks, including fruit juice, soda, and candy. They can lead to cavities and dental erosion.
– Be aware that sugars are not the only substance that can be converted into harmful acids in your mouth. So too can carbohydrates.
– Biting into hard products can fracture your teeth.
– Excessively chewy foods may stick to your teeth for a long time. Avoid these substances, as they can increase the rate at which tooth decay will occur.
– Popcorn kernels and other products that can get stuck between teeth can become oral health risks if they are not removed with dental floss.

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