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Have you heard about sealants and want to know how the dentist puts them on? It is a fast and painless process, as we will explain in further detail.

The dentist starts by cleaning the tooth or teeth that will be treated. The tooth or teeth need to be dried so the dentist can place a gel on the teeth. This gel is not the sealant, but it prepares the tooth for the sealant.

This gel is acidic, but it does not have enough strength to harm your teeth. It does make the surface a bit rougher to provide some grip for the sealant. The dentist will dry the teeth again after he rinses the gel off.

The teeth will then be ready for the sealant. It is made from a plastic combined with other materials that creates a thin coat over your teeth. The dentist then shines a blue light, which hardens the seal.

The time it takes to accomplish all these things should only be several minutes. The sealant should be unnoticeable, as it will be thin enough to be invisible. It should also not feel any different from your real teeth.

As long as you do nothing drastic with your teeth, the sealant can last about ten years. Eating food should not wear down the seal too fast, but you can make it last longer by not using your teeth to open things like bags or such. Once it wears off, more can be applied easily.

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